Enjoy your life, choose your paradise and dazzle with its magic ...


Welcome to Ilha Verde Itacare, Bahia, Brazil, island of charm, peace and nature...

Its perfect location, close to beaches and not far from the main road, its warm and loving care, its beautiful home where the creative owner mixes harmoniously materials from Bahia and from Eastern parts of the world, exotic articles and antique furniture reinvented , the sweetness of its accommodations , delicious breakfasts, a swimming pool surrounded by bromelias, papyrus and banana trees, relaxing massages in wooden huts, tai chi, yoga, capoeira or even samba practice,  and a wonderful garden, where you can feel the shade of centuries-old mango trees : these are pure privileges that travelers have been enjoying for over 15 years.




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Rua Ataide Setubal, 234 - Itacaré / Bahia - Cep 45530-000 / brasil

Tel: 55 (73) 3251 2056

PHOTOS: Ivan Padovani, Ricardo Zinner, Romain Poisson, Brian Hodges, Eric Pigache, Fernanda Pennachia Casonatti, Anouk and Nina Garcia. PAINTINGS and DRAWINGS: Fabiana Arruda, Christian Ratz, Leila Küntgen, Menelaw Seven