You can visit the city throughout the year.
- Hot and humid tropical climate
-The temperature varies between 25 and 35 degrees
– The sun shines 300 days per year
-The water is warm all year round

Money, money
- Banco do Brazil, Caixa Economica (in the Lottery) and Bradesco (bank postal at the post office)
- Cash machines in Banco do Brasil, at the Gas Station, at the Forum Square and at the Bus Station.
- Cambio at the Encantur agency

- Dispensary, pharmacies and private clinics
- General Doctors, dentists, massage therapists and gynecologist...
- Herbal tea for all kinds of illness at Ilha Verde!  Contact Lisa

Some advices…
- The sun shines, the sun burns! Always seek the shade between 10.00 am and 15.00 pm.
- All our rooms have mosquito nets, but do not forget the insect repellent!
- Strong currents in some beaches. Always dive in the center of inlets, never in the corners.
– Rely on the recommendations of the Ilha Verde Pousada (16 years experience!!) about guides, restaurants, taxi drivers, and tour agencies.

Destination: Carbon Neutral
Ilha Verde is part of the Carbon Neutral Program; prefer the agencies, shops and restaurants that feature the Carbon Neutral label. for more information

Rua Ataide Setubal, 234 - Itacaré / Bahia - Cep 45530-000 / brasil

Tel: 55 (73) 3251 2056

PHOTOS: Ivan Padovani, Ricardo Zinner, Romain Poisson, Brian Hodges, Eric Pigache, Fernanda Pennachia Casonatti, Anouk and Nina Garcia. PAINTINGS and DRAWINGS: Fabiana Arruda, Christian Ratz, Leila Küntgen, Menelaw Seven