Dancing not everyone knows Brazilian samba ... Before dancing in bars, how about exercising some samba or forro steps in our Oca da Ilha?! Surfing is the main attraction of Itacare, with senior championships. We’ll send you to the best teachers to teach in a few hours to get up on the board. Yeah! Yeah! Pedaling Renting a bike from Mecenas da Vida to get around the town or a mountain bike to cross the Marau Peninsula and arrive in Rio Ambuba where high kayaking adventures await you! Walking on the beach : Pontal and Itacarezinho beaches or Cassange, Algodões and Piracanga Beaches in the Marau Peninsula ... Caminhadas a perder de vista. Tocar percussão Walking out of sight. Drum playing Nothing like stepping in rhythm with the natives of Marimbondo or Porto de Tras! Playing Capoeira Angola or Regional? We’ll train you in our OCA or on the beach, with qualified teachers. Canoeing on the Contas River, swamp, waterfall, and cocoa farm in Dhão’s canoe. A must!  Swimming in fresh water  in the waterfalls of Tijuípe or Cleandro  And in Tremembé, the Veneza waterfall: you can find a fisher boat leaving from Ambuba located on the edge of the bay.  A trip through a magnificent landscape of forests, wetlands and green hills  Exploring the Atlantic Forest in an environmental reservation Refugio dos Anjos Visiting a cocoa plantation in the fazenda Pedra do Sabia Climbing  trees in the last urban beach, the Ribeira. Observing whales from July to October The whales are dating and have their pups in our coast, we follow them by boat ... Making friends  Hanging out with other tourists for rides with an ecotourism agency indicated by the Ilha Verde.   Exploring the River Ambuba crossing the Contas River by canoe and the Marau Peninsula by bike up to Ambuba where you can rent a kayak to discover the mangrove , the waterfall and the Emerald Forest ...  This tour helps a  traditional community to keep its lifestyle. www.ambuba.com.br Discovering the Islands of the Camamu Bay Zelito, the oldest manufacturer of sailboats in Cajaíba takes you for a full day from one island to the other…Living an exciting rafting and canyoning ride in Taboquinhas. Renting a body board, a motorcycle, a car. When renting a body board at Ilha  Verde, the rent will be donated to the Association Ambuba, www.ambuba.com.br Leaving everything behind for a dream is easy, just follow your heart!  We can refer you to the purchase of homes, land, farms, forests…Participating in a social project you are a magician, a carpenter, an engineer, a musician, a philanthropist? Make us accomplices of your talent, experience and generosity. www.ambuba.com.br Changing your Look haircut or manicure, ask for the service "at home" in Ilha Verde. Going out tonight we can start with a free city tour with Erasmus, our tour guide, as of 4:30 p.m, watch the sunset at the Ponta do Charreu, which celebrates the union of the river with the ocean, before tasting the delicacies of our land in one of our restaurants.  Attend a training Capoeira course at the Jungle Bar or go shopping in Rua da Pituba and much later go dancing on the beach in Cabana Corais and being enchanted... In Neo’s canoe, it is spectacular, the sunset over the river, greeted with Champagne, grilled shrimp and Indian music, followed by the birth of the full moon on the sea.

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