Between the Ocean and the Atlantic Forest, in the heart of the land for cocoa, Itacare, a small fishing village of Bahia, shows its identity.Each meeting tells a story: I am the port which welcomed the black man, the swamp where life begins, the river which exported the black gold or cocoa, the mansion that housed the colonel, the delicacy that combines cumin and coriander, sea food and coconut milk, the forest that protects the golden fruit, the wave that invites the surfer, the cross planted by the Jesuits, I'm the black fruit of the Quilombo, I'm white, I'm hillbilly…

Beautiful, sensual, magical and vibrant, Itacare, becomes a paradise for travelers worldwide, day and night.

Capoeira and moqueca in the land of Iemanjá...


Rua Ataide Setubal, 234 - Itacaré / Bahia - Cep 45530-000 / brasil

Tel: 55 (73) 3251 2056

PHOTOS: Ivan Padovani, Ricardo Zinner, Romain Poisson, Brian Hodges, Eric Pigache, Fernanda Pennachia Casonatti, Anouk and Nina Garcia. PAINTINGS and DRAWINGS: Fabiana Arruda, Christian Ratz, Leila Küntgen, Menelaw Seven